Trump’s Gifts to Women Never Stop

Donald Trump is defined as a norm-breaking president, and I see another Trumpism: repetitive gift giving — gifts that inspire and motivate women who’re turning anger into flames of desire for change. Women found their voices and put foot power to pavement, revving up for Power at the Polls. They desire respect, self-representation, and to be heard and believed. Because of Trump’s Oval Office occupancy, women lifted the veil of silence and sharpened their oyster knife for a battle at the ballot box.

These fed up women pulled out their clipboards for voter registration, early in the Trump reign, plunked down their names into races like gamblers plunking cards on the table.

It was necessary to galvanize success of the #MeToo cultural change into an interrelated direction, demanding gender parity to detach their welfare from patriarchy and to vote women into office. (The Washington Post reported that for every woman in political office, there are three men)

It’s a renewed Women’s Rights battle and the right course to take charge of their own destiny. Women’s Right to Vote in 1920 didn’t include equal rights, and the patriarchy rule left them accepting male domination. In nine days before Mid-term Elections, change is eminent, but turnout will tell the story, but to be honest, gerrymandering, election meddling, voter registration purging, and voter suppression are potential threats. For women and other Republican defectors, it was time to call out Trump and his complicit GOP Congress.

Women fired the first salvo on Saturday after Mr. Trump’s presidential inauguration. In a record one-day protest they marched everywhere there is a street. Marchers flooded the streets like open fire hydrants on a sultry day. And while Trump engaged in the Right to Life celebration, women around the nation and their male supporters were burning up shoe rubber across the country.

Trump’s gifts are on steroids because escalating numbers, negative impact, and the kettle of inspiration rise like steam from a foundry under gray skies awaiting a South Florida shower:

1. Trump’s anti-woman policies, nominating Brett Kavanaugh, for retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat.

2. The Kavanaugh Supreme Court fight and the Senate controlled background investigation openly dismissed Christine Blasey Ford, a “credible woman” with an “uncorroborated” allegation, and only selected people got interviewed. — not even Ford and Kavanaugh.

3. The maltreatment, disrespect of women, and habitual insults pushed women to beat back action rather than verbalize opposition.

4. Trump gleefully mocked #MeToo, a brash undertaking,  a disabled reporter, a Muslim family, a beauty queen, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, his presidential opponent, women campaign reporters, and Christine Blasey Ford who called out Kavanaugh for an alleged teen sexual assault attempt.

5. Protestors concerned about Roe vs. Wade didn’t matter. Neither will politicians who slammed them as angry mobs. At the polls, these anti-Trump voters intend to tell Trump he doesn’t matter. (Last I checked, protests were protected by the First Amendment and a tenet of Democracy.

6. No doubt abortion and reproductive rights are endangered species. He announced his intent in Clinton/Trump debates to put pro-life justices on the court. And he told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that “there ought to be some kind of punishment” for women who have abortions.

7. Desperate attempts to discredit Democrats and garner more votes, Trump and his GOP Senate supporters denigrated their opposing party and protestors as mobs. Some declared protestors’s dastardly deeds were paid participants by the democratic opposition.

8.  Zero tolerance anti-immigration policy enraged the supporters because the Trump Administration demonized immigrants, even those seeking asylum, were jailed as violators of the law. The policy  separated families, caged and warehoused immigrant children, many too young to defend themselves.

9. The cutbacks in health care and lying about pre-existent conditions that he’s asked the court to declare unconstitutional, abortion and reproductive rights, environmental protection, and other Obama policy reversals pushed rage to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Women bemoaned the loss of Hillary Clinton, the first woman presidential opponent who crossed the threshold to the Oval Office, and she won a history-breaking 2.9 million more votes than Trump, a first-time politician who won the GOP primary after numerous endeavors.

11. In the #MeToo era women lifted their voices against inappropriate sexual behavior by men in power who lost status and money, but his bus-video (grab ’em by the P-word) disgraced women across the nation, but some of them voted for him anyway.

12. Trump garnered 92% of black women and 53% of white women voters who pulled him across the finish lines, but polls show that support of college-educated white women is shrinking like abortion rates. What irony.

13. His egregious leadership, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, basically, racial animist and political antagonistic agenda left more than half of the country without a president. He governs to his base.

14. Outraged by bias, hatred, fake ads, misogyny and a yearlong Russia Investigation that Trump has called a hoax, women’s gifts were further enhanced when he launched an intense smear campaign plot against the FBI and the probe itself.

15. He instigated a political battle and maligned the National Football League players who kneeled in protest against murders of black men and declared it disrespecting the flag though the Supreme Court ruling said flag burning is protest speech.

These players have Mothers, wives, and sisters who are certainty irked by the disrespect and ridicule. He called them SOBs and suggested a firing. Colin Kaepernick, the unemployed quarterback’s mother responded, “I’m the B who had him.” He’s sacrificed his career because of protests against police murders and conditions in African-American communities.

16. The leader of the free world, who shows authoritarian tendencies, is accused of tampering with or deconstructing democracy and exacerbating the deep political chasm and divisiveness among the American population. At least 35 writers historians, journalists, and political professionals are educating readers about danger to the Democracy.

The clock is ticking against Trump’s indignation, and for centuries forefathers and masters of control have told women to “wait till…” Women cannot wait again. Women will not wait.

Thank you, Mr. President, we don’t hate. “We’re too preoccupied with getting bigger, better, and stronger. It is your gifts that keep giving, or better yet, it’s your gifts on steroids.”

Voters Aren’t Stupid


Dear Congress Members: (You Know Who You Are)

You sit on your backside hatching
political plots with sparks of flame
inside cities across America.

You waffle, twaddle, puke loyalty:
supine loyalty?
No truth to power
Untruth pummels truth
Smart people know the unspoken truth;
A boulder smashes a pickup truck
on Interstate Wherever
& we’re told it didn’t happen. Yeah, right?

Steam rises from your partisan sanctuary:
Political vendetta, spite, or hatred?
Binders of injustice, disrespect & prejudice
women, people of color, immigrants, lesbians, gays, transgenders

Consistency in raging, aging battle:
Brunt bacon with abortion rights in skillet
& you U-haul human rights to the grave

Wait for it. Wait for it. W-a-a-i-i-t-t.

Investigating bias of investigators in Russian probe,
sacking reality & Congress’s duties
No checks; no balance of power
No conclusive fact-finding for flagitiousness
You turn away from history, norms & legality

It’s democracy on suicide watch

Misogyny, sexual harassment, sexual assault
didn’t die with #MeToo
Waiting for the cool down? Huh?
Not this time. Women have had enough:
It’s after midnight;
Curfew’s over. Resistance burns like a Bic

We know who we are & we’ll fight for rights
in daylight & darkness till death
Dare not speak for us;
plug mouth with stone
& cover countenance
Oh, we forgot, shame died two years ago.

Grandfather’s clock isn’t broken.
Its rhythm rolls like a meandering brook
& partisan government drowns in muddy stream

As surely as sage sprinkles & saliva drips;
there’s diversity in polarization. People vote.

Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. Keep waiting until…

Lies & Bigotry Won’t Hide Truth & Cruelty 

Wrong headed cruelty defines the immigration policy fiasco created by the Trump White House, and politicized an evil and inhumane policy of jailing and hiding innocent children in four corners of the country.

The Trump Administration stepped on each others’ message, clearly contradicting their abhorrent policy agurably, or inagurably, from my perspective, is child abuse by government. If a parent took a child from his estranged spouse without permission, police would arrest and charge him or her with kidnap. The country has flipped the script with a new policy and lied about it.

Six weeks ago, I witnessed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who didn’t hesitate, spew out the new zero tolerance policy. ” If you cross the border unlawfully, we will prosecute you and separate your children from you. ”

After gasping, my anger swelled then I yelled, “That’s Godawful. You can’t be serious.” I was flabbergasted by his denial. He flat out lied. “We didn’t intend to separate children.” Who’s going to heal these hearts and minds after being dehumanized in a Democracy that apparently has returned to the nation’s outrageous and shameful slavery, reconstruction, civil rights era and Japanese interment camps.

Did he mean they “didn’t mean to take the children as hostages and lock them parentless children sitting in cages, in tents cages on the floor, in tents or in warehouses? If that’s true, are we watching the intended process now? Where is the due process guaranteed by the criminal justice system?

Trump who signed an executive order to put parents and family together. Did he mean they will take parents and children as hostages? What will happen to children in custody now? Why are they holding immigrants they claim have committed crimes? It’s discriminatory to confine immigrants and refugees just because… I saw a woman being frisked with her young child standing beside her mother wailing.

People who jaywalk or get a ticket aren’t treated as poorly and get due pròcess. That’s the criminal justice system that applies to everyone with equal justice. Yes, that’s not a guarantee, unfortunately, but using migrants as political pawns for an election the GOP isn’t likely to win is unAmerican.

Why the double standards? And why are refugees kept in jail, too? If this new policy allows the law to arrest and charge people seeking political asylum, it violates the law briminalizing people for misdemeanors his policy caused family separation and children caged like animals and warehoused tconvicted convicts by an unjust and racist policy.

And Trump’s lies in blaming Democrats is crude and misleading vo1ters he’s ca1mpaining to win over. shows that he’s using immigrant children as political pawns for a midterm election he’s not likely to win. and Trump should heed that and inform non-caring supporters.wn and taking advantage of cultural war.

Somebody should inform him these ploys brands him as weak. Strong men or presidents don’t use party control and race baiting to appeal to his supporters. There’s so strength in playing to voters’ fear, racial animus, and emotional appeal.

Scattering immigrants around the country and parents are leaving the United States to places unknown. Children basically unidentified and in places where parents are likely to locate the for varied reasons — money at the top of them.

Strong has many positive and negative denotations, such as forcefulness, over powering, control, unbending, uncompromising, and unyielding. A person’s personality can include a medley of negative and positive or a mixture of both. But the sight of crying, frightening children fits neither category. It’s abhorrent, and unbelievable. God helps the children and damn the people who do them harm.

For supporters and critics, the graceful and the politically eloquent, informs younger Americans about the harrowing and bloody civil rights battle. Most younger Americans know nothing about the nation’s uphill path except from education in school, TV shows,

Served from the final days of the Cold War — the fall of the Soviet Union — to the current battle for human rights in the Middle East. I believe it’s necessary to know our history, what’s at stake, and where to now.

The root and the path to human rights and the values and principles in a free society?American Democracy differs from non-democratic countries, but the new policy by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session instituted his policy of taking migrant children away from their parents.
Our history included the blacks, Jews, Irish and other groups were harshly treated and discriminated against in treacherous past.

Human rights in the Soviet Union is a winding arc, but America has crossed the boundary of human rights, exploiting immigrants and refuges fleeing their countries. The United Nation defined America’s current policy as a violation of human rights violation, but the Trump administration has not changed anything. This is not a coincidence.

Rice whose publication predates the zero tolerance immigration policy that outraged concerned citizens. Deplorable human rights in any countries define anti-democracy or authoritarian government.

Ironically, America is in that mine field right now. If we follow Rice’s stories about the path to freedom, it’ll clarify how any country can be endangered. The global struggle isn’t necessarily problematic in America now, but “Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom” the American dream shouldn’t be ignored or dismissed.

Change HD(& Rewrite blog)

Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom,
By Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State under President George Bush, examined the global struggle for democracy and explained why America shouldn’t digress about freedom here and around the world.

For supporters and critics, the graceful and eloquent Rice, puts Democracy here because many Americans know nothing dire consequences of the days of long ago. She witnessed the awakening of the fight for freedom in her home of Birmingham, Ala., the center of the Civil Rights Movement.

Rice is well versed on anti-democracy because she served on the front lines of that history on a global front. The New York Times Best Selling author, Rice, served from the final days of the Cold War — the fall of the Soviet Union — to the current battle for human rights in the Middle East. I believe it’s a necessary read for the right to know our history, what’s at stake, and where to now?

How does Rice’s book clarify the root and the path to human rights of Democracy in the United States? She’s provided a ground swell about the values and principles in a free society. She differentiates American Democracy from other non-democratic countries and the Road to Freedom before the attorney general’s current policy of taking migrant children away from their parents. Our history isn’t without fault because the blacks, Jews, Irish other groups were treated unjustly and discriminated against, too.

She wrote about the struggle for human rights in the Soviet Union’s battle, but our nation has crossed the boundary of human rights exploitating immigrants fleeing their countries.

The United Nation defined America’s current policy as a violation of human rights violation, but the Trump administration has not changed anything. This is not a coincidence.

But Rice didn’t definitively address the current immigration dilemma but ironically her book explains a problem of deplorable human rights in other countries. Rice defines and clarifies a nation’s devastation without a democracy.

Just by exposing global struggles raises a dire possibility of a problematic struggle here.

Suffer Not the Little Children

Calling out the Religious Right and…

#NationalCrisis #ChildAbuseShame

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a month ago, unfurled a vile ironclad, anti-immigration policy to punish boarder crashers, sabotaging children by separating them from their parents. About three hours later Melania Trump opened her “Be Best” campaign on children, saying America has to educate, support, protect with adoration and special attention for their success in a difficult environ.

Sessions claimed his law and order stance tightens the screws against immigration, but it’s the most vindictive anti-immigration regulation affecting children in modern history. He defines it as deterrence. “If you cross the boarder illegally, you will be arrested, and if you travel with your children, they will be separated from you.” His voice boomed with cruelty, criminally tagging immigrants and refugees, evading norms of law and order in a Third World spirit.

His warning about the new anti-immigration remedy contradicted the first lady’s platform, disrespects her agenda and exudes callousness toward children’s well being. Never mind race, creed, economic, immigrant or refugee status, children are children.

I expected a collective gasp from four corners of the nation because children cannot be best anywhere when they’re traumatized and confused. Silence is hardly golden and it’s disturbing. Where are the anti-abortionists and Christians whose mission is to stop Mothers from aborting precious life?

Pardon me for being presumptuous in thinking that religious activists would stand against any harm to children anywhere, anytime & in any situation without regards to culture, color or national origin. Babies grow from birth to toddlers, to childhood, to adolescents, and to teenagers who cannot be the best because of dire consequences and environmental hazards.

We cannot fight until they get here and let them go away to conditions unknown when we’re offended by abortion and a devout rescuer for the human race. Children are vulnerable. Laws don’t always protect them, and they don’t always have protectors for a litany of reasons.

The United Nations declared the United States anti-immigration’s stance of separating families as a violation of human rights. Are we witnessing a bottomless abyss of human rights violations and injustice? I’m cringing because how long before the United States of America plummets from suicidal Democracy to dictatorship?

It’s Sessions’ bullhorn memo that offers all Americans a golden promise to another cause and to realize that anti-abortion isn’t an anomaly for the heaven-bound stairway. Standing up for children used as pawns in the anti-immigration program upholds Biblical teachings and obedience.

Suffer not the little children. Surely, the Heavenly Father would bring down the chariot if the Religious Right and the rest of America rise to rescue immigrant and refugee offsprings. Miracles happen everyday, and I’m an optimist.

If you believe that all life is valuable, if you believe that no child shall be left behind, you owe it to your God, your country, & your love of humanity to join hands to fix this plight and slights no one deserves. Call out the government to cease trafficking in childhood pawns in a struggle they didn’t create and cannot change.

Stacey Abrams’s Path to Georgia Governor Rests With Primary Voters

#PowerAtPolls #WomanPower

Minority Leader: How to Lead from the Outside and Make Real Change by Stacey Abrams

#GeorgiaPrimary A Woman’s Place is in the Georgia governor’s office. That’s what gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams aspires to achieve in the coveted place for the first African-American woman, but she has to win a competitive Democratic primary race today against her Democratic opponent, Stacey Evans, a former state legislator and University of Georgia graduate, in a racialized competition with a black woman and a white woman in opposition. Some media calls the race as the battle of two Staceys. One of them has a book tracking her travails as a black woman in the male-dominated leadership landscape.

Abrams wo started the book in 2014 began it with this quote: “When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” — Audre Lorde, who died in 1992, was an influential Carribean-American poet, memoirist, feminist and activist, who spoke power to women. Abrams exudes Lorde’s doctrine for navigating a rocky terrain and a fighter for improving women’s lives.

Abrams’s book, part memoir, part leadership, part survival is a unique, daring, and insightful literary nonfiction with a don’t put downable temptation, extolling the values and principles of governing to effect change in Georgia.

“Power of leadership is hard especially for those who are weighed down by stereotypes and lack of access,” she said. But women can overcome obstacles, but it takes grits, guts, confidence, and “tactical maneuvers” for success and stability. That’s part of the journey. Women role models accelerate the know-how and support for choices. “I have learned how to seize opportunity, how to plan for victory and defeat…and I wrote this book to share what I’ve learned and the strategies I employed.” She asserts that no height or disadvantage is insurmountable. Abrams said, “Where we come from does not determine how far we can go.”

Abrams, a Rhodes Scholarship finalist, whose loss emboldened her to strive for upward mobility — master’s at the University of Texas, then off to Yale Law School where she confronted race and gender in a nation that takes pride in “meritocracy”, and she learned that otherness — racial and sexual diversity — imbued her own power for “clarity and invention.” It was a lofty transition from a well-known, historically black women’s Spelman College in Atlanta to a world that challenged the only African-American on designated turfs in which she opted to compete.

For example, after Yale, she joined a white-shoe law firm, where she was the only person of color practicing tax law, and only two others of her racial classification had ever become partners. “And this was one of the most diversity-conscious law firms in Atlanta.”

Abrams grappled with gargantuan hurdles to scaling the proverbial wall as a double dipper, woman of color, & her five siblings grew up poor but was groomed by hardworking, educated parents who taught the value of knock, knock, never quit, and to develop backbones of steel. She built her political platform from the ground to a steep climb from Atlanta to Texas to the ivory league Yale Law to an Atlanta law firm, to writing and publishing to business and political leadership. Now, her expertise is center stage in making a difference in community, business, political and legal fronts.

Gaining political standing as a woman of color in the Deep South is the epitome of hardship, but stamina, creativity and leadership tenets assure achievement. Her political track record attests to it. She was deputy city attorney taking charge of the office, and climbing in under four years to minority leadership in the Georgia House of Representatives, often coping with racism, sexism, and ageism. She’s working to change the political landscape in a majority-minority electorate and to catapult Georgia into more economical viability, diversity, and equality. She’ll have to handle a disparaging wage disparity between white women, black and Hispanic women, and black and Hispanic men who’re underpaid for equal work, lagging behind white men.

She knows that racial and sexual bias is part of the American culture, and it takes intestinal fortitude to keep pace. Abrams pinpoints a bias when she’s often questioned about how she’ll attract voters of color, although they are reportedly 47% of the electorate. Her age, marital status, and other negative talk about her candidacy.

Because of her qualifications and political track record, an onslaught of political endorsements land in her political cadre. A major and powerful organization is Emily’s List who endorses and financially supports strong, exceptional political women. Stacey Evans got Emily’s List backing, too, and Congressman Buddy Darden, DeKalb County District of Attorney Sherry Boston, mayor of South Fulton, Bill Edwards, State Rep. Virgil Fludd, and other state political leaders.

Democrats for America, Civil Rights icon and Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and Hillary Clinton, former Democratic presidential contender, and others stand with her. “Abrams is a transformational candidate who knows how to build a progressive coalition to protect the rights of all Georgians,” said Lewis.