When Loving You is Right

Say you love me, and I’ll release 100 doves from my window in your honor.

Say you love me, and I’ll buy you a dark chocolate Dove and fan you while you eat it.

Promise me you won’t croon for another, and I’ll write you a poem…buy you a beer.

If you don’t dream of dancing with Denzel and tell me with glee, I’ll buy that red dress and we’ll dance all night.

I won’t give you that Let’s be Friends excuse if I can brag about your booty. If I can brag about your tight buns and chiseled chest.

If you’ll go cruising with me in my Classic Thunderbird, I’ll run with you through woods at night, or if you go to Wrestle Mania with me, I’ll teach you to swim.

I’ll skip band practice if you’ll watch an action movie with me. I know you don’t like violent movies but we’d be together.

If you’ll hike with me in the Himalayas, I’ll take you to the Bahamas on vacation.

If you’ll spend the night with me, I’ll make breakfast for you. But you must promise not criticize my cooking.

If you’ll love me, I’ll 6love you back. Requited love is the ultimate ride through life.

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