Get This

Health care isn’t about politics. Health care isn’t about money. It’s about who or what America is. It’s about security of life. It’s about value of humanity. It’s about you, your family, your friend, your co-worker with cancer. It’s about you, your family – children, mother, father, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend – your friends, your neighbor, or your co-workers with cancer standing in the wing, waiting to pounce without warning. Money won’t matter because even the richest Americans will take a meat cleaver blow to their bank account. Riches won’t save your life if money is more important so you hang on to the purse strings too long before diagnosis. Disease outbreaks are like bullets, they have no names on them.

Health care is about disabilities, Alzheimer’s, HIV, Opioid or drug overdose, and other long-term, catastrophic costs.  Heath care is about nursing homes with people like my 52-year-old sister who’s been there for nearly three years; it’s about those in need of at-home nursing care; it’s about the mentally ill. You get the point, I hope. If not, health care needs don’t have to knock on your door today, but who knows what tomorrow may bring. If my sister had had health care for basic treatment she wouldn’t have had that massive, near death stroke because the underlying cause was treatable.

Ask any used-to-be healthy person who got slapped with an unprovoked severe illness or death threat if they could’ve predicted that heart attack, that breast cancer diagnosis (a life-saving mammogram has reduced the death rate}, and the babies born with heart defect. We know where we’ve been, but, I guarantee, we don’t know where we’re going.

As President Obama said, health care speaks volumes about who we are as a country. I say, also, it’s about who we are as humans and what blood of love runs through our veins. We fought and died to bring America into the country we are today, but equality of living, and equality and justice for all, is a never-ending struggle and sacrifice.

We can wake up in the morning in need of the basics or have an abundance of gifts like those who’re already well known, already comfortable, and already successful. Most of us are NOT. Somebody has been there to catch us in a fall. They had to because that’s who we are as Americans. Being cavalier and about me-me-me is not who we are as a country.

Things You May Not Know

Barack Obama was criticized by African Americans as many others declare he wasn’t. There’s an entire book by a powerful, respectful black writer, Eric Jerome Dyson, who says the former prez didn’t represent us or do enough for us. And worse, he accused Obama of demeaning us.

Other African Americans complain of the same issues though he rightfully committed himself to represent all citizens. The critics continue to assail the first president whose black, and they expect much without paying homage for what he’s accomplished on the national and world stage.

Obama had a heavy burden not to exclude the most vile and racial discrimination he endured. Just imagine being the most powerful leader in the free world fighting inner and outer worlds — racial on one front and intra-racial demands from blacks on the other and nary a scandal without praise.

Meanwhile it was erroneous for blacks who say he neglected us, and of whites who accuse him of being president for blacks.

“You’ve had the president for eight years now it’s our turn,” says some Caucasions. Yeah like 200 years? White. White. White and vice presidents.

You don’t miss your water till the bucket is empty.

Oh, by the way, Mr. Dyson could have and should have had something positive about “Yes, we did” like the 15 or other white writers. I’m not going to trash Dyson’s book. I think people should read it and “like it” or not.