Joyce’s Book Blog No. 2

Franklin: Queen of Soul
Celebrating 50 Years of R-E-S-P-E-CT: By Essence Editors

At the height of the Civil Rights Movement, Aretha released the album Respect, her best-selling album, and this is its 50th anniversary coinciding with five decades of the movement with the Respect boomerang with rock and roll through civil rights marches and in homes where tortured souls and foot soles relaxed. You could say it was the bugle call for freedom and justice resounding today, rejecting the hype of “we have overcome.”

This masterpiece with historical, illustrious, and memorable photographs and essays from long-time, writerly friends and fans of Aretha is a keepsake. Those original fans range from civil rights activists to baby boomers who grew up with Respect. All races and ethnicities worldwide know Respect, and it is the song for all times.

To Aretha with love and respect from young and old music connoisseurs, including President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, my baby sister, Renalysis, and, of course, me. We will run to the bookstore or race through new releases from electronic books or Kindle Readers for this must-have.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Aretha and R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Respect and love for humanity and your higher power. Mine is God.

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