#MeTwo Revolution Rolls into Political Blacklash

Women got out front of the political melee and put their feet on soldier ground, pulling off a one-year jubilee post-inaugural day anxiety. The March on Saturday transcended the #MeToo Movement into where to now. Beyond marching, women in a momentous action-packed leadership have shifted from voicing liberation to taking fate into their own palms, setting out to usurp power blockage. They’ve pulled out the clipboards and plunked their names into races like gamblers plunking cards on the table. It’s the fundamental counterpunch of all times, a historical and electoral battleground

Winning voting state, local, and national races aren’t long shots anymore because women in solidifying efforts with budding leaders climbing ladders of opportunity, they will no longer have to wait for torch passing or blessings of inclusiveness. When this revolution cracks more ceilings and shatters glass, who knows more than xxx wore shoes of “weaker sex, objectionable xxx, a They’ve pulled out the clipboards and plunked their names into races like gamblers plunking cards on the table. Women aren’t just made as hell: Lifting the veil of silence and sharpening their oyster knife, as writer Zora Neale Hurston, said in her woman in charge fiction.

March organizers and the #MeTwo Time magazine Person of the Year — are leading rebels with a cause to dismantle gender bias, sexual harassment, economic inequality, disrespect, sexist dismissal despite her comprising half the United States population. She’s Phenomenal Woman, my favorite Maya Angelou poem, and phenomenal men along for the journey of people hood where everybody is worthy of fairness and all of God’s gifts of talent.

They are taking charge by pulled out the clipboards for voter registration, and plunking their names into races like gamblers plunking cards on the table. It’s a renewed battle for women, and the right course to taking charge of their own destiny. “Women’s rights are human rights,” said 2016 presidential contender and the first woman to cross the threshold to become the leader of the free world.on another layer: activism for women’s rights — human rights, went from raging fires of broken silence to voter volleys assuring a path to an unhindered raison d’etre (reason for being) and credit without discredit, disrespect, or dismissal.

Last month they decried sexual mistreatment and devastation and depression, shame, and buried anger, but the harmful effects on equal rights, human parity, and upward mobility: comfortable in their body, becoming a whole with rights endowed by the Constitution and the Creator. It’s under cutting the cutting-edge by outing men whose power is entrenched in a generational culture of acceptance. Bad sexual behavior against women is like a Die-hard battery, and for intelligent women with a xxx, it’s not about a vendetta against men losing power, money and reputations. A change is attitude is necessary, but as Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Time is of the essence.

Bravo for an extraordinary victory on rising up again after nearly a hundred years after the women’s right to vote. It’s time to galvanize success of #MeTwo into an interrelated direction, demanding gender parity and detaching their welfare from patriarchy and voting women into office, following blueprints from Virginia and NorthCarolina voters wield power at the ballet Box. Danica Roehm, the first transgender woman unseated her GOP contender for State Assembly, and Charlotte, N.C., elected its first African-American woman mayor.xxx. In New Jersey xxx unseated a white male opponent who denigrated her.

XxxThe renewed fight for women’s rights cannot wait because the female gender, transsexuals and lesbians have lost ground in the past 12 months.

Going or gone are legal protections — abortion rights,xxx critical needs for Planned Parenthood contraception

(Congress abdicated its highest responsibility — keep the government — but leadership vacuums and poor prioritizing that put deficit-raising tax cuts for wealthy corporations out front) Male domination in all three branches – President, Senate, and House of Representatives – a majority rule sans bipartisanship proves a “fair accompli” for democracy in a society striving for freedom, economic viability, justice, and fairness. More women in That international Women’s March a day after Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential oath, even novice marchers in solidarity for the world’s largest protest.

On his one-year anniversary a historic Government Shutdown and his 365th day in office shattered glass and hearts across the country for the military, government employees, Children Health Insurance Program, shoving Americans across the nation into an economic tailspin.

Congress would bring parity in representation and in leadership.

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