“I Pray You Enjoy Your Retirement”

#PollPower I pray NRA-backed politicians become ordinary citizens, job holders, hobbyists, travelers. What they do is their own business, but without those seats, their fundamental power and control would rot like a prune — in most cases. They’ll escape the rath of justice, but a survivor of Pulse Nightclub said: “I pray you enjoy your retirement.”

#NeverAgain Students at Stoneman Douglas High School, but, make no mistake, where 17 died in a massacre, turned their anger and pain against weapons of war and a push for school safety. These Parkland, Fla., students targeted power at the polls. “Vote them out,” students yell at legislators in Tallahassee, Fla.

School shootings and gun violence in the nation are epidemic with the highest gun violence in the world. But @realDonaldTrump called for arming teachers, most of whom are women, and teachers’ primary responsibility is to educate students. I lived and worked as a journalist in Broward County, and I cannot imagine teachers packing heat, and I would not send my child there. The endless dangers of this controversial scenario stand high above any imaginary benefits.

“Teachers are here to educate students,” said David Hogg, a senior and an activist leader. “They (gun lobby and politicians) want people to forget this happened.” He stressed that this is not a partisan issue.

The thought of teachers packing add to mourning fearful teens, teachers, and parents have another level of inepitude that doubles, and it sidesteps what schools and the community can expect from responsible politicians. Douglas protestors eloquently stated that these politicians supported by the National Rifle Association choose “money over our lives.”

Trump said he backs stronger background checks, although his 2019 budget proposal would slash the background check system by $12 million for states to improve comprehensive background checks. That plummets from $73 million to $61 million. Students are leery about their government’s priority, and rightfully so. And a bill for comprehensive background checks is stalled in Congress where House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell remain suspiciously quiet.

Congress has duties to act and power from the second arm of three separate powers in a Democracy. Gun supporters rabidly protest stricter gun laws, citing Second Amendment rights. Hogg, a young journalist, told TV journalists that absolutists refuse to realize that there can be limits in the First Amendment.

“You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater,” he said. Keeping guns out of wrong hands could bring freedom from fear and safer schools and communities across socio-economic backgrounds, race and ethnicity, gender and ages.

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