Loud War Over Soft Words


War Speaks

Words never peace
Unending nukes
Boom — fire burn
Scent of bodies;
Toxins bleed near & far
Red white & blue
drapes coffin clothes of patriotism to graves
Rat-a-tat rat-a-tat rat-a-tat
Thunder roars, bombs blast from break of dawn till stalk of midnight
Red-hot moon torches human hearts, flesh, & limbs
Peace out war in war in the blood
Anti-war politics kismet
Mass chemical weapons, abyss soldiers & unknowing people
praying for survival in liberated countries
No freedom for hungry babies
What could a war buy?
Bombs, books, & bread?
House without hope: hate without love —
Blame political spite & hate mongers,
angel clothes spitting volcano’s molten meltdown —
Teach countries not to bomb countries
who bomb countries
but it’s deafness & darkness of wretched death
Freedom ferry no destination to non-violent world
where parents turn from helpless to dread.

(c) Joyce Evans-Campbell

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