Suffer Not the Little Children

Calling out the Religious Right and…

#NationalCrisis #ChildAbuseShame

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a month ago, unfurled a vile ironclad, anti-immigration policy to punish boarder crashers, sabotaging children by separating them from their parents. About three hours later Melania Trump opened her “Be Best” campaign on children, saying America has to educate, support, protect with adoration and special attention for their success in a difficult environ.

Sessions claimed his law and order stance tightens the screws against immigration, but it’s the most vindictive anti-immigration regulation affecting children in modern history. He defines it as deterrence. “If you cross the boarder illegally, you will be arrested, and if you travel with your children, they will be separated from you.” His voice boomed with cruelty, criminally tagging immigrants and refugees, evading norms of law and order in a Third World spirit.

His warning about the new anti-immigration remedy contradicted the first lady’s platform, disrespects her agenda and exudes callousness toward children’s well being. Never mind race, creed, economic, immigrant or refugee status, children are children.

I expected a collective gasp from four corners of the nation because children cannot be best anywhere when they’re traumatized and confused. Silence is hardly golden and it’s disturbing. Where are the anti-abortionists and Christians whose mission is to stop Mothers from aborting precious life?

Pardon me for being presumptuous in thinking that religious activists would stand against any harm to children anywhere, anytime & in any situation without regards to culture, color or national origin. Babies grow from birth to toddlers, to childhood, to adolescents, and to teenagers who cannot be the best because of dire consequences and environmental hazards.

We cannot fight until they get here and let them go away to conditions unknown when we’re offended by abortion and a devout rescuer for the human race. Children are vulnerable. Laws don’t always protect them, and they don’t always have protectors for a litany of reasons.

The United Nations declared the United States anti-immigration’s stance of separating families as a violation of human rights. Are we witnessing a bottomless abyss of human rights violations and injustice? I’m cringing because how long before the United States of America plummets from suicidal Democracy to dictatorship?

It’s Sessions’ bullhorn memo that offers all Americans a golden promise to another cause and to realize that anti-abortion isn’t an anomaly for the heaven-bound stairway. Standing up for children used as pawns in the anti-immigration program upholds Biblical teachings and obedience.

Suffer not the little children. Surely, the Heavenly Father would bring down the chariot if the Religious Right and the rest of America rise to rescue immigrant and refugee offsprings. Miracles happen everyday, and I’m an optimist.

If you believe that all life is valuable, if you believe that no child shall be left behind, you owe it to your God, your country, & your love of humanity to join hands to fix this plight and slights no one deserves. Call out the government to cease trafficking in childhood pawns in a struggle they didn’t create and cannot change.

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