Lies, Bias Belie Truth, Cruelty 

Wrong headed cruelty defines the immigration policy fiasco created by the Trump White House, and politicized an evil and inhumane policy of jailing and hiding innocent children in four corners of the country.

The Trump Administration stepped on each others’ message, clearly contradicting their abhorrent policy agurably, or inagurably, from my perspective, is child abuse by government. If a parent took a child from his estranged spouse without permission, police would arrest and charge him or her with kidnap. The country has flipped the script with a new policy and lied about it.

Six weeks ago, I witnessed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who didn’t hesitate, spew out the new zero tolerance policy. ” If you cross the border unlawfully, we will prosecute you and separate your children from you. ”

After gasping, my anger swelled then I yelled, “That’s Godawful. You can’t be serious.” I was flabbergasted by his denial. He flat out lied. “We didn’t intend to separate children.” Who’s going to heal these hearts and minds after being dehumanized in a Democracy that apparently has returned to the nation’s outrageous and shameful slavery, reconstruction, civil rights era and Japanese interment camps.

Did he mean they “didn’t mean to take the children as hostages and lock them parentless children sitting in cages, in tents cages on the floor, in tents or in warehouses? If that’s true, are we watching the intended process now? Where is the due process guaranteed by the criminal justice system?

Trump who signed an executive order to put parents and family together. Did he mean they will take parents and children as hostages? What will happen to children in custody now? Why are they holding immigrants they claim have committed crimes? It’s discriminatory to confine immigrants and refugees just because… I saw a woman being frisked with her young child standing beside her mother wailing.

People who jaywalk or get a ticket aren’t treated as poorly and get due pròcess. That’s the criminal justice system that applies to everyone with equal justice. Yes, that’s not a guarantee, unfortunately, but using migrants as political pawns for an election the GOP isn’t likely to win is unAmerican.

Why the double standards? And why are refugees kept in jail, too? If this new policy allows the law to arrest and charge people seeking political asylum, it violates the law briminalizing people for misdemeanors his policy caused family separation and children caged like animals and warehoused tconvicted convicts by an unjust and racist policy.

And Trump’s lies in blaming Democrats is crude and misleading vo1ters he’s ca1mpaining to win over. shows that he’s using immigrant children as political pawns for a midterm election he’s not likely to win. and Trump should heed that and inform non-caring supporters.wn and taking advantage of cultural war.

Somebody should inform him these ploys brands him as weak. Strong men or presidents don’t use party control and race baiting to appeal to his supporters. There’s so strength in playing to voters’ fear, racial animus, and emotional appeal.

Scattering immigrants around the country and parents are leaving the United States to places unknown. Children basically unidentified and in places where parents are likely to locate the for varied reasons — money at the top of them.

Strong has many positive and negative denotations, such as forcefulness, over powering, control, unbending, uncompromising, and unyielding. A person’s personality can include a medley of negative and positive or a mixture of both. But the sight of crying, frightening children fits neither category. It’s abhorrent, and unbelievable. God helps the children and damn the people who do them harm.

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