Voters Aren’t Stupid

(This poem ran before but bears repeating.)

Dear Congress Members: (You Know Who You Are)

You sit on your backside hatching

political plots with sparks of flame

inside cities across America.

You waffle, twaddle, puke loyalty:

supine loyalty?

No truth to power

Untruth pummels truth

Smart people know the unspoken truth;

A boulder smashes a pickup truck

on Interstate Wherever

& we’re told it didn’t happen. Yeah, right?

Steam rises from your partisan sanctuary:

Political vendetta, spite, or hatred?

Binders of injustice, disrespect & prejudice


women, people of color, immigrants, lesbians, gays, transgenders

Consistency in raging, aging battle:

Brunt bacon with abortion rights in skillet

& you U-haul human rights to the grave

Wait for it. Wait for it. W-a-a-i-i-t-t.

Investigating bias of investigators in Russian probe,

sacking reality & Congress’s duties

No checks; no balance of power

No conclusive fact-finding for flagitiousness

You turn away from history, norms & legality

It’s democracy on suicide watch

Misogyny, sexual harassment, sexual assault

didn’t die with #MeToo

Waiting for the cool down? Huh?

Not this time. Women have had enough:

It’s after midnight;

Curfew’s over. Resistance burns like a Bic

We know who we are & we’ll fight for rights

in daylight & darkness till death

Dare not speak for us;

plug mouth with stone

& cover countenance

Oh, we forgot, shame died two years ago.

Grandfather’s clock isn’t broken.

Its rhythm rolls like a meandering brook

& partisan government drowns in muddy stream

As surely as sage sprinkles & saliva drips;

there’s diversity in polarization. People vote.

Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. Keep waiting until…

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