Trump’s Gifts to Women Unstoppable

Donald Trump is defined as a norm-breaking president, and I see another Trumpism: repetitive gift giving — gifts that inspire and motivate women who’re turning anger into flames of desire for change. Women found their voices and put foot power to pavement, revving up for Power at the Polls. They desire respect, self-representation, and to be heard and believed. Because of Trump’s Oval Office occupancy, women lifted the veil of silence and sharpened their oyster knife for a battle at the ballot box.

These fed up women pulled out their clipboards for voter registration, early in the Trump reign, plunked down their names into races like gamblers plunking cards on the table.

It was necessary to galvanize success of the #MeToo cultural change into an interrelated direction, demanding gender parity to detach their welfare from patriarchy and to vote women into office. (The Washington Post reported that for every woman in political office, there are three men)

It’s a renewed Women’s Rights battle and the right course to take charge of their own destiny. Women’s Right to Vote in 1920 didn’t include equal rights, and the patriarchy rule left them accepting male domination. In nine days before Mid-term Elections, change is eminent, but turnout will tell the story, but to be honest, gerrymandering, election meddling, voter registration purging, and voter suppression are potential threats. For women and other Republican defectors, it was time to call out Trump and his complicit GOP Congress.

Women fired the first salvo on Saturday after Mr. Trump’s presidential inauguration. In a record one-day protest they marched everywhere there is a street. Marchers flooded the streets like open fire hydrants on a sultry day. And while Trump engaged in the Right to Life celebration, women around the nation and their male supporters were burning up shoe rubber across the country.

Trump’s gifts are on steroids because escalating numbers, negative impact, and the kettle of inspiration rise like steam from a foundry under gray skies awaiting a South Florida shower:

1. Trump’s anti-woman policies, nominating Brett Kavanaugh, for retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat.

2. The Kavanaugh Supreme Court fight and the Senate controlled background investigation openly dismissed Christine Blasey Ford, a “credible woman” with an “uncorroborated” allegation, and only selected people got interviewed. — not even Ford and Kavanaugh.

3. The maltreatment, disrespect of women, and habitual insults pushed women to beat back action rather than verbalize opposition.

4. Trump gleefully mocked #MeToo, a brash undertaking,  a disabled reporter, a Muslim family, a beauty queen, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, his presidential opponent, women campaign reporters, and Christine Blasey Ford who called out Kavanaugh for an alleged teen sexual assault attempt.

5. Protestors concerned about Roe vs. Wade didn’t matter. Neither will politicians who slammed them as angry mobs. At the polls, these anti-Trump voters intend to tell Trump he doesn’t matter. (Last I checked, protests were protected by the First Amendment and a tenet of Democracy.

6. No doubt abortion and reproductive rights are endangered species. He announced his intent in Clinton/Trump debates to put pro-life justices on the court. And he told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that “there ought to be some kind of punishment” for women who have abortions.

7. Desperate attempts to discredit Democrats and garner more votes, Trump and his GOP Senate supporters denigrated their opposing party and protestors as mobs. Some declared protestors’s dastardly deeds were paid participants by the democratic opposition.

8.  Zero tolerance anti-immigration policy enraged the supporters because the Trump Administration demonized immigrants, even those seeking asylum, were jailed as violators of the law. The policy  separated families, caged and warehoused immigrant children, many too young to defend themselves.

9. The cutbacks in health care and lying about pre-existent conditions that he’s asked the court to declare unconstitutional, abortion and reproductive rights, environmental protection, and other Obama policy reversals pushed rage to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Women bemoaned the loss of Hillary Clinton, the first woman presidential opponent who crossed the threshold to the Oval Office, and she won a history-breaking 2.9 million more votes than Trump, a first-time politician who won the GOP primary after numerous endeavors.

11. In the #MeToo era women lifted their voices against inappropriate sexual behavior by men in power who lost status and money, but his bus-video (grab ’em by the P-word) disgraced women across the nation, but some of them voted for him anyway.

12. Trump garnered 92% of black women and 53% of white women voters who pulled him across the finish lines, but polls show that support of college-educated white women is shrinking like abortion rates. What irony.

13. His egregious leadership, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, basically, racial animist and political antagonistic agenda left more than half of the country without a president. He governs to his base.

14. Outraged by bias, hatred, fake ads, misogyny and a yearlong Russia Investigation that Trump has called a hoax, women’s gifts were further enhanced when he launched an intense smear campaign plot against the FBI and the probe itself.

15. He instigated a political battle and maligned the National Football League players who kneeled in protest against murders of black men and declared it disrespecting the flag though the Supreme Court ruling said flag burning is protest speech.

These players have Mothers, wives, and sisters who are certainty irked by the disrespect and ridicule. He called them SOBs and suggested a firing. Colin Kaepernick, the unemployed quarterback’s mother responded, “I’m the B who had him.” He’s sacrificed his career because of protests against police murders and conditions in African-American communities.

16. The leader of the free world, who shows authoritarian tendencies, is accused of tampering with or deconstructing democracy and exacerbating the deep political chasm and divisiveness among the American population. At least 35 writers historians, journalists, and political professionals are educating readers about danger to the Democracy.


The clock is ticking against Trump’s indignation, and for centuries forefathers and masters of control have told women to “wait till…” Women cannot wait again. Women will not wait.

Thank you, Mr. President, we don’t hate. “We’re too preoccupied with getting bigger, better, and stronger. It is your gifts that keep giving, or better yet, it’s your gifts on steroids.”

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